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by Manon Ott, Gregory Cohen


The poetic and political portrait of a working-class suburb undergoing transformation, De Cendres et de Braises invites us to listen to the words of the inhabitants of the Mureaux housing project, near the Renault-Flins factory. Whether they are gentle, rebellious, or sung at the foot of the project's tower blocks, at the factory entrance, or beside a fire, these words take us through the night until a new day rises.

original title: De cendres et de braises
country: France
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Manon Ott, Gregory Cohen
film run: 73'
release date: FR 25/09/2019
cinematography by: Manon Ott, Gregory Cohen
film editing: Pascale Hannoyer
music: Akosh Szelevenyi
executive producer: Céline Loiseau
production: TS Productions, Flamme Film
distributor: Docks 66

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