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by Pål Øie


The epic biopic Astrup - Catching the Flame takes us on a journey through Nikolai Astrup's life and the inspiration behind his most famous images up until his premature death in 1928.

international title: Astrup - Catching the Flame
original title: Astrup - Flammen over Jølster
country: Norway
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Pål Øie
release date: NO 4/10/2019
screenplay: Karl Johan Paulsen, Pål Øie
cast: Thure Lindhardt, Dennis Storhøi, Henriette Marø, Terhi Lintukangas, Matti Mustonen, Ola G. Furuseth, Gerald Pettersen, Idun Losnegärd, Kyrre Eikås Ottersen, Filip Kremner
cinematography by: Sjur Aarthun
film editing: Sjur Aarthun
producer: Einar Loftesnes
co-producer: Karl Johan Paulsen
production: Handmade Films in Norwegian Woods
backing: Zefyr Media Fund (NO), Filmkraft Rogaland (NO), Fritt ord (NO), Arts Counsil Norway (NO), Norwegian Broadcasting (NO), Western Norway Film Centre (NO)
distributor: Norsk Filmdistribusjon

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