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by François Girard


As Europe erupts into World War II, 9-year-old Martin comes to love his new adopted brother Dovidl, a gifted violin prodigy of the same age and recently arrived Polish-Jewish refugee in London. But hours before Dovidl's debut concert performance at the age of 21, he vanishes without a trace, meaning shame and ruin for his family. A lifetime later, a young violinist shows a 56-year-old Martin a stylistic flourish that could only have been taught by Dovidl.

international title: The Song of Names
original title: The Song of Names
country: Canada, Hungary, United Kingdom
sales agent: HanWay Films
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: François Girard
film run: 111'
screenplay: Jeffrey Caine
cast: Tim Roth, Clive Owen, Catherine McCormack, Jonah Hauer-King, Magdalena Cielecka
cinematography by: David Franco
film editing: Michel Arcand
art director: François Séguin
costumes designer: Anne Dixon
music: Howard Shore
producer: Robert Lantos, Nick Hirschkorn, Lyse Lafontaine
co-producer: Viktória Petrányi
executive producer: Klemens Hallmann, Tibor Krsko, Randy Lennox, Nadine Luque, Mark Musselman, Anant Singh, Stephen Spence, Peter Touche, Peter Watson
line producer: Marta Habior
production: Feel Films, Proton Cinema, Serendipity Point Films (CA), Lyla Films (CA)
distributor: GEM Entertainment, Filmax
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