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by Rolando Colla


Patricia and Ikendu meet in a town in Italian-speaking Switzerland. He comes from Mali, she's 39, employed and the single mother of two daughters. He keeps silent about the reasons for his flight, but he's 39, a fantastic cook and brings warmth and stability into the chaos that is Patricia's life. After their wedding, they live a carefree life, without asking each other too many questions, but one day, Ikendu is arrested and incriminated by corrupt police as a drug dealer. Now, a difficult period begins for the couple begins as they both find out things they had previously hidden from one another. At times, this leaves them speechless, at others it causes violent arguments. They often don't understand the world any longe. Nonetheless their relationship takes an important step forward.

international title: What You Don't Know About Me
original title: Quello che non sai di me
country: Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic
sales agent: Film Republic
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Rolando Colla
film run: 116'
release date: IT 1/07/2020
screenplay: Rolando Colla, Marina Guerrini, Roberto Scarpetti
cast: Linda Olsansky, Koudous Seihon, Cristian Izzo, Gaia Sciarini, LeAnn-Maria Stefanachi, Eva Sitta, Emanuela Scirea
cinematography by: Ariel Salati
film editing: Rolando Colla, Esmeralda Calabria
music: Bernd Schurer, Marco Monti
producer: Elena Pedrazzoli
co-producer: Emanuele Nespeca, Karla Stojáková
production: Peacock Film, Solaria Film, Axman Production
backing: Succès Zurich (CH), Succès cinéma (CH), Federal Office of Culture (CH), Regional fund and Filmcommission Ticino (IT), City of Bellinzona (IT), MIBACT (IT)
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