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by Len Wiseman


Unknown to mankind, a war has raged for centuries between two species of the night: werewolves and vampires. In this battle – which is, in part, a vicious class struggle – the aristocratic and sophisticated Vampires are bent on the extermination of the brutal and animalistic lycanthropes, or Lycans. The werewolves have fared poorly over the years of conflict: driven toward extinction, they subsist in tunnels under the cities while vampires live in nocturnal luxury.

international title: UNDERWORLD
original title: UNDERWORLD
country: United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, United States
sales agent: Lakeshore Ltd (USA)
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Len Wiseman
film run: 121'
release date: UK 19/09/2003, FR 24/09/2003, GR 03/10/2003, IS 03/10/2003, BE 08/10/2003, LU 10/10/2003, ES 17/10/2003, CZ 27/11/2003, PL 28/11/2003, DK 05/12/2003, NO 05/12/2003, SI 12/12/2003
screenplay: Danny McBride
cast: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride
cinematography by: Tony Pierce-Roberts
film editing: Martin Hunter
art director: Bruton Jones
costumes designer: Wendy Partridge
music: Paul Haslinger
producer: Richard S. Wright, Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi
production: Subterranean Films, Laurinfilm, Underworld Produktion (DE), Subterranean Films (USA)
distributor: Entertainment Film Distributors, SND (FR), Filmax (ES), HCE (CZ), Best Film (PL), Constantin Film (DK), Columbia TriStar Nordisk Film Distributors (NO)

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