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by Randa Chahoud


Syrian-born Karim lives a carefree student life in Germany with his pregnant girlfriend Lilly. When he learns that his beloved older brother Yassir has become a fighter in the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and missing in action, he feels deeply worried. He travels to Syria hoping to save his brother – and immediately gets sucked into the conflict. He becomes a fighter himself, is captured, tortured, and ultimately must discover that his brother was shot long ago. Meanwhile, Karim’s parents are able to flee Syria, and show up on Lilly’s doorstep. Overwhelmed with the situation and her concerns for Karim, she delivers prematurely. Months later, Karim returns traumatized and broken. Step by step Lilly, his parents and his best friend Max strive to re-integrate him into the normal life. What will happen when Karim learns that the man who killed his brother is currently in Germany?

international title: The Accidental Rebel
original title: Der Rebell
country: Germany, United Kingdom
sales agent: EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Randa Chahoud
film run: 108'
screenplay: Randa Chahoud
cast: Mehdi Meskar, Emily Cox, Jonas Nay, Husam Chadat, Amira Ghazalla, Marwan Moussa
cinematography by: Sören Schulz
film editing: Adrienne Hudson
art director: Juliane Friedrich
costumes designer: Katrin Aschendorf
music: Hani Asfari
producer: Clementina Hegewisch, Johannes Jancke
co-producer: Sawsan Asfari, Andreas Eicher, Ufuk Genc
production: Neue Impuls Film Produktionsgesellschaft, Cactus World Films, Lightburst Pictures

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