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by Margit Lillak


They wanted to create an environmentally friendly and socially sustainable community. Twelve adults and six children began to live beyond traditional social order. However, environmentally conscious behavior and embedded physical work do not result in satisfaction from the social aspect of the community ideal. The need to communicate becomes the theme of the film and it is constantly translated visually into shots of circular interviews that show that mastered interpersonal relationships are an indispensable condition for the sustainability of the community and any functional society. The inevitable implosion is preceded by an archetypal story of a love triangle and the struggle for power.

international title: The Circle
original title: The Circle
country: Estonia
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Margit Lillak
film run: 95'
cinematography by: Paavo Eensalu, Margit Lillak, Mihkel Soe
film editing: Helis Hirve, Jaak Ollino Jr.
music: Sten Sheripov
producer: Johanna Trass
production: Allfilm

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