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by Henning Beckhoff


Torn between town and country, between best friend and older brother, between present and tradition, the farmer's boy Johannes is longing for recognition and adventure.

international title: Thing I Don't Get
original title: Fünf Dinge, die ich nicht verstehe
country: Germany
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Henning Beckhoff
film run: 71'
release date: DE 7/11/2019
screenplay: Paula Cvjetkovic
cast: Jerome Hirthammer, Henning Flüsloh, Peter Lohmeyer, Michelle Tiemann, Victoria Schulz, Anna Böttcher, Julia Jendrossek, Luise Wolfram
cinematography by: Sabine Panossian
film editing: Emma Gräf, Anna Mbiya Katshunga
costumes designer: Michèle Tonteling, Lena Wellhöfer
producer: Diana Hellwig, Genia Sophie Krassnig
co-producer: Henning Beckhoff
production: Hochschule für Film & Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf"
distributor: Filmgalerie 451
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