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by Alexis Delgado Burdalo


She believes the story of her life is the most extraordinary story. The one filming her believes she is a once-in-a-lifetime character. With the passing of time and immersed in the idea of making a movie, they play. They give it their all, showing themselves as they want to be seen. Renata is serving a sentence for a brutal murder.

international title: This Film is About Me
original title: This Film is About Me
country: Spain
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Alexis Delgado Burdalo
film run: 61'
screenplay: Alexis Delgado Burdalo, Samuel M. Delgado, Manuel Muñoz Rivas
film editing: Manuel Muñoz Rivas
producer: José Ángel Alayón, Irene M. Borrego
production: ADBFilm, El Viaje Films, 59 en Conserva
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