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by Luis López Carrasco


1992. Back to democracy and in full economic effervescence, Spain is a country modern and promising. At a time when the Barcelona Olympic Games are being held, the Exhibition Universal of Seville and sign the liberal foundations of today's Europe, social revolts broke out in the small town of Cartagena and resulted in the burning of the local Parliament. The ingredients of the economic and social crisis that will take place 16 years later are already all together. The film is a 24-hour reconstruction of a Cartagena coffee bar on the eve of these serious riots, and confronts the official storytelling of a Spain full of promises, with little-known events depicting a completely different social reality.

international title: The Year of the Discovery
original title: El año del descubrimiento
country: Spain, Switzerland
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Luis López Carrasco
film run: 200'
release date: ES 13/11/2020
screenplay: Luis López Carrasco, Raúl Liarte
cinematography by: Sara Gallego
film editing: Sergio Jiménez
art director: Víctor Colmenero
producer: Luis Ferrón, David Epiney
production: LaCima Producciones, Alina Film Sarl
backing: ICAA (ES), Office Fédéral de la Culture (CH), Cineforom (CH), Succès passage antenne (CH)
distributor: Begin Again Films

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