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by Petr Zelenka


The story of two friends who run a prosperous drone rental company is set in contemporary Prague. The business owner nicknamed Plech (Jiři Mádl), a rapper in free time, dreams of big money and unshakable security. A chemist and excellent air navigator Pavel (Kryštof Hádek), who has just returned from abroad, dreams of justice and personal engagement in rectifying the world. Drones are for the former high school classmates a pass into many areas of human behavior where they would otherwise did not have a chance to peer into. Their clients include a presidential candidate and artists organizing happenings. Drones monitor power stations, wear luxury handbags at fashion shows instead of models or spray the Petřín watchtower. But when one of the heroes decides to use the drone for something completely different, the situation starts to complicate in the drone rental company.

international title: Droneman
original title: Modelar
country: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Petr Zelenka
release date: CZ 6/02/2020
screenplay: Petr Zelenka
cast: Veronika Kubařová, Krystof Hádek, Elizaveta Maximová, Jiří Mádl, Zuzana Fialová, Miroslav Hanus, Leona Sklenickova
cinematography by: Alexander Šurkala
producer: Petr Zelenka
production: 0.7 km Films, Czech Television - Česká televize, Hangar Films, Punkchart Films, Fabula Ltd., RTV Slovenija
backing: Czech Film Fund (CZ), South-Moravian Film Fund (CZ), Prague Film Fund (CZ), Slovak Audiovisual Fund (AVF) (SK), Slovenian Film Centre SFC (SI)
distributor: Falcon

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