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by Charlotte Dauphin


Marie is a young dancer at the Opéra de Paris. After her father's sudden death on her thirtieth birthday, she decides to stop her artistic practice and to pursue a more solitary existence. Her grief encloses Marie in her memories, through the mysterious writings left by her father, her thoughts, and a house that seems to imprison her. Her love for Paul, a photographer who took her father's final portrait a few minutes before he died, will slowly awaken a vital force in Marie that will help her become another version of herself. The Other invites spectators to progressively plunge into the abyss of a wounded woman's intimacy and imagination.

international title: The Other
original title: L'Autre
country: France
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Charlotte Dauphin
film run: 77'
release date: FR 8/01/2020
screenplay: Charlotte Dauphin
cast: Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Anouk Grinberg, James Thiérrée, Jean-Louis Martinelli, Charlotte Dauphin
cinematography by: Jean-Marc Fabre
film editing: Sylvie Landra
art director: Jean-Hugues de Châtillon
costumes designer: Jean-Hugues de Châtillon
music: Charlotte Reinhardt, James Thiérrée, Charlotte Dauphin
producer: Sylvie Landra
executive producer: Charlotte Dauphin, Jean-Luc Ormières
associate producer: Sylvie Landra
production: Marignan Films
distributor: Dean Medias
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