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by Péter Lichter


If this is heaven, bring on the afterlife! The spirits of legendary Hungarian filmmakers Michael Curtiz and Gábor Bódy meet in a metaphysical screening room, while on the screen footage plays of classic twentieth-century films.

international title: Empty Horses
original title: Üres lovak
country: Hungary
year: 2019
genre: experimental
directed by: Péter Lichter
film run: 67'
screenplay: Péter Lichter, Bence Kránicz, Gábor Roboz
cast: Pál Mácsai, Roland Rába
cinematography by: David Gerencsér
film editing: Péter Lichter
music: Ádám Márton Horváth
producer: Dóra Nedeczky
production: Mindwax Ltd.
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