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by Jolanta Dylewska


Imagine that the city where you were born is suddenly split in two, with a better half and a worse half. And you’re enclosed in the latter, by a wall 3 metres high, with broken glass and rolls of barbed wire along the top. If you cross it, they’ll kill you. If you stay, you’ll slowly die of starvation anyway. That is precisely what happened in Eastern Europe, in Poland’s capital city of Warsaw in the 1940s. “Why does nobody ask me if there was love in the ghetto? Why is nobody interested?” asked Marek Edelman, resistance fighter and the last leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, shortly before his death in 2009. In this film, he answers that very question, telling us that good and beauty did exist in the hell of the ghetto. And there was love, too. That was of the greatest value - even greater than life itself. A strong, unconditional love where you are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice and give yourself completely to another person, body and soul.

international title: Marek Edelman... And There Was Love in the Ghetto
original title: Marek Edelman ...i była miłość w getcie
country: Poland, Germany
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Jolanta Dylewska
film run: 80'
screenplay: Jolanta Dylewska, Agnieszka Holland
cinematography by: Jakub Kijowski, Jolanta Dylewska
film editing: Izabela Pająk
music: Raphael Roginski
producer: Anna Wydra, Martin Hampel, Thanassis Karathanos
co-producer: Beata Polaczynska
production: Otter Films
distributor: Against Gravity
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