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by Fabrizio Ferraro


A director is in Berlin for the screening of one of his films. Walking through the city, he reflects on the Wall and on the legendary experience of one of his relatives, an uncle who has never been found again, madly out of love and who has since become a passer between the two areas of divided Germany.

international title: Checkpoint Berlin
original title: Checkpoint Berlin
country: Italy
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Fabrizio Ferraro
film run: 64'
screenplay: Fabrizio Ferraro
cinematography by: Fabrizio Ferraro
film editing: Fabrizio Ferraro
art director: Stefano Gaeta, Federica Formaggi
costumes designer: Stefano Gaeta, Federica Formaggi
production: Boudu, RAI Cinema
distributor: Boudu

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