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by Lawrence Lek


Against the backdrop of the 2065 Olympic eSports final, AIDOL, with its ideas on human versus artificial intelligence, the power of megacorporations and the value of creativity, is set in a computer-generated gaming world. Our avatar is Diva, a superstar who is bereft of hits and engages an artificial intelligence to stage her comeback during the final.

international title: AIDOL
original title: AIDOL
country: United Kingdom
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Lawrence Lek
film run: 83'
screenplay: Lawrence Lek
cast: Nie Xiaoyi, Joni Zhu, Steve Goodman, Sophie Guo, Wu Xiaoran, Lu Minglong
cinematography by: Lawrence Lek
film editing: Andre Corsini, Clifford Sage
music: Lawrence Lek
producer: Lawrence Lek
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