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by Tom Alesch


If every human being lived like the average Luxembourgish citizen, 8 planet Earths would be needed each year to meet the growing demand for ever more resources. Eng Äerd presents ecological initiatives in Luxembourg and the people behind them who are trying to counter the waste of resources. The film encourages its audience to change their ways, as normal citizens in their private lives, or on the collective, economic and political levels. It showcases how each and every one can contribute to building a better, healthier society that in harmony with nature.

original title: Eng Äerd
country: Luxembourg
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Tom Alesch
film run: 84
cinematography by: Nikos Welter
music: Emre Sevindik
production: Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg
backing: Centre national de l’audiovisuel
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