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by Max Gleschinski


Martin and Eric are childhood friends. Already when they were little boys they used to go fishing at the reservoir every Sunday, and already as children they fell in love with the same girl: Frenni. Today, 20 years later, Martin lives with Frenni in a quiet family home on his parents’ farm. The contact with Eric has broken off after a terrible incident, until one day he stands in front of their door and asks Martin to join him on a last trip to the lake. Reluctantly, Martin comes along, but the trip soon turns out to be a journey into the heart of darkness. While the situation between the friends at the lake is getting worse and worse, Frenni is also alarmed and tries to get to the lake…

original title: Kahlschlag
country: Germany
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Max Gleschinski
film run: 98'
release date: DE 5/03/2020
screenplay: Max Gleschinski
cast: Florian Bartholomäi, Bernhard Conrad, Maike Johanna Reuter, Jan 'Monchi' Gorkow, Arne Fuhrmann, Petra Nadolny, Christoph Gottschalch, Heller Bremer, Alex Czerwinski, Maria Radomski
cinematography by: Jean-Pierre Meyer-Gehrke
film editing: Marco Zanoni
art director: Florian Cadiou
costumes designer: Florian Cadiou
music: Axel Meier
producer: Max Gleschinski, Jean-Pierre Meyer-Gehrke, Torsten Wichner
co-producer: Klaus Blaudzun, Jan Klonowski, Phillip Lehner, Benjamin Weiß
production: Von Anfang Anders Filmproduktion
distributor: UCM.One
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