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by Hugo Benamozig, David Caviglioli


French Guyana, not so long ago. Eliott, a young and naive anthropology researcher, goes on an expedition to study the Otopis, a mysterious tribe from the Amazon rainforest. It is also an opportunity for him to get away from the grip of his possessive mother, Chantal de Bellabre, an ethnologist hated by the profession for her biased and cold-hearted practices. Arriving in the forest Elliot realizes the Otopis are not the “good savages” he had imagined. Alcoholic, violent, crooked: they will turn his expedition into real hell in the jungle. Fortunately, Chantal, consumed by remorse and worried about her son, decides to abandon her own expedition and goes looking for him in the jungle, with the help of the not so helpful Lieutenant-Commander Raspailles and his men.

international title: Welcome To The Jungle
original title: Terrible Jungle
country: France
sales agent: Indie Sales
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Hugo Benamozig, David Caviglioli
film run: 90'
release date: FR 29/07/2020
screenplay: Hugo Benamozig, David Caviglioli
cast: Vincent Dedienne, Catherine Deneuve, Alice Belaïdi, Jonathan Cohen, Stéphan Beauregard, Jonas Dinal, Guillaume Duhesme
cinematography by: Yann Maritaud
film editing: Audrey Simonaud
art director: Anne-Sophie Delseries
costumes designer: Judith de Luze
music: Ulysse Klotz
producer: Léonard Glowinski, Wassim Béji
executive producer: Léonard Glowinski, Wassim Béji
production: 22H22, WY Productions, Apollo Films
distributor: Apollo Films Distribution

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