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by Perrine Michel


At the heart of a palliative care unit, a team of specialists accompanies people of varying ages on the path towards death. They strike a precarious balance between the patient, family members, and the pain medication and the patient’s state of mind. In parallel with the medical dimension the human face and voice of the director are perceived. She too is accompanying her very ill mother on the path towards death. Four bodies use movement to cast light on this story of companionship.

international title: Balancing Act
original title: Les Equilibristes
country: France
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Perrine Michel
film run: 99'
release date: FR 18/03/2020
screenplay: Perrine Michel
cinematography by: Katell Djian, Arlette Buvat
film editing: Marie Bottois
costumes designer: Olga Papp
music: Thomas Tilly
producer: Thomas Schmitt, Olivier Daunizeau
executive producer: Thomas Schmitt, Olivier Daunizeau
production: La Chambre aux Fresques, Hors Saison
distributor: Les Alchimistes
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