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by Jerzy Sladkowski


"Everyone on board is yearning for something in their lives: happiness, love, companionship – and the lucky ones find what they are looking for along the way. We are on a Russian cruise ship, a floating microcosm of cheap luxury, where a large and varied gallery of passengers is drifting down the Volga. Most of them have their best years behind them, and they know it. But even the young aren't necessarily good at figuring out the workings of love and each other. There is even a fortune-teller on board, a true shrew who doesn't mince her words when her fellow passengers come to hear what the future will bring. Life is long, happiness is fickle, but the tragicomic tone is above all witty and heart-warming, and without revealing too much, there is a prospect of a happy ending even before the journey is over. With Bitter Love, the Polish director Jerzy Sladkowski has made a fun, charming and insightful film, which is guaranteed to conquer a heart or two."

international title: Bitter Love
original title: Bitter Love
country: Sweden, Finland, Poland
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Jerzy Sladkowski
film run: 86'
screenplay: Jerzy Sladkowski
producer: Antonio Russo Merenda
production: Ginestra Film, Made, Ragusa Film
backing: Swedish Film Institute (SE)
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