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by Katja Høgset, Margreth Olin, Espen Wallin


Lene (33) suffers from severe anorexia. Since the age of ten she has been hiding from the Norwegian Health Care System. Then she taught herself the art of photography. The film is a portrait of an artist and a portrait of a deadly disease. During the last years, Lene Marie Fossen became recognized as a world-class photographer. She has been suffering from severe anorexia since the age of ten. She had a unique photo-project, expose the shame, and confront the disease. Her photo art is naked and honest. In October 2019, Lene Marie died of anorexia. She watched the finished film before she passed away. Together with her parents, she decided that the film should be launched on schedule, as it was important for Lene Marie that her story could mean something to others.

international title: Self Portrait
original title: Selvportrett
country: Norway
sales agent: Cinephil
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Katja Høgset, Margreth Olin, Espen Wallin
film run: 80'
release date: NO 17/01/2020
screenplay: Katja Høgset, Margreth Olin, Espen Wallin
cinematography by: Øystein Mamen, Lars Erlend Tubaas Øymo
film editing: Helge Billing
music: Susanne Sundfør
producer: Margreth Olin
production: Speranza Film
backing: Norwegian Film Institute (NO), Fritt Ord Foundation (NO), Viken Filmsenter (NO)
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribusjon AS
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