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by Giorgio Pasotti


Adamo, a neofascist little criminal, is serving a justice sentence with a period of social rehabilitation in a religious community in South Tyrol led by Father Ivan, an eternally optimistic priest who immediately gets under the skin of the gruff Adamo. In order to move forward with his rehabilitation, Adamo must select a task, so he decides to bake an apple strudel pie. However, his simple choice is complicated by Ivan insistence that Adamo use apples from a tree that is plagued by problems.

international title: Have Faith
original title: Abbi fede / Alles wird gut
country: Italy, Austria
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Giorgio Pasotti
film run: 93'
screenplay: Federico Baccomo, Giorgio Pasotti
cast: Giorgio Pasotti, Claudio Amendola, Roberto Nobile, Peter Mitterrutzner, Samuel Girardi, Lorenzo Renzi, Giancarlo Martini, Hannes Perkmann
cinematography by: Carlo Rinaldi
film editing: Sebastian Longariva
art director: Veronika Merlin
costumes designer: Sabrina Beretta
producer: Jean Gontier, Gianluca Lazzaroni, Gianluca Cannizzo, Heinz Stussak
production: Cannizzo Produzioni, Greif Produktion, Sigma Filmproduktion, RAI Cinema, Dinamo Film - Produzioni Fuoriserie, Cineworld Roma (IT)
backing: IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission (IT)
distributor: Einhorn-Film

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