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by Viola von Scarpatetti


Is love free? Sara and Olaf can no longer avoid the question. Confined to a motel room after one of their shows, the two musicians awkwardly attempt to save their tumultuous relationship, transporting us for one night only into a romantic and dramatic universe.

international title: Fly in Fly Out
original title: Fly in Fly Out
country: Switzerland, Canada
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Viola von Scarpatetti
film run: 65'
screenplay: Simon Pelletier-Gilbert, Viola von Scarpatetti
cast: Simon Pelletier-Gilbert, Viola von Scarpatetti, Sylvio Arriola, Caroline Courtois Schirmer, Angelo Dell'Aquila, Jeff Avice, Christian Bernard, Louis-Robert Bouchard, Christophe Buisson, Nico Feer
cinematography by: Damien Molineaux
film editing: Giacun Caduff, Simon Pelletier-Gilbert, Viola von Scarpatetti
art director: Harmonie Garry, Marion Nyffenegger
music: Michael Künstle, Simon Pelletier-Gilbert, Viola von Scarpatetti
producer: Viola von Scarpatetti
co-producer: Aurélie Breton, Damien Molineaux, Simon Pelletier-Gilbert
associate producer: Michael Künstle, Laura Moser
production: Biviofilms, Earthling Productions, Les Films Émoi (CA)
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