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by Juan Cavestany


A couple from Burgos, Alfredo and Teresa, travel to New York where they intend to “switch off” and do all of the things listed in the guidebook. But the moment they land they start to notice signs, some subtle and others rather less so, that in fact they’re not in the city sold to them by the travel agency. So where are they?

international title: An Optical Illusion
original title: Un efecto óptico
country: Spain
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Juan Cavestany
release date: ES 26/03/2021
screenplay: Juan Cavestany
cast: Carmen Machi, Pepón Nieto, Luis Bermejo, Lucía Juárez
cinematography by: Javier López Bermejo
film editing: Raúl de Torres
music: Nick Powell
producer: Alicia Yubero
associate producer: Raúl de Torres
production: Cuidado con el perro
distributor: Filmin Cinema
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