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by Marta Sousa Ribeiro


It's last week at school, but Simon's not studying for his finals. His parents have divorced and seem to be waiting for a change that never comes. Simon gets tired of waiting. Could he get a one-way ticket to the USA? Would it be possible to make objects explode from afar? And what if time could be reversed? Or if freedom is only to be found in movies?

international title: Simon Calls
original title: Simon Chama
country: Portugal
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Marta Sousa Ribeiro
screenplay: Marta Sousa Ribeiro
cinematography by: Manuel Braga
film editing: Tiago Simões, Marta Sousa Ribeiro
art director: Alexandra Côrte-Real de Almeida, Raquel Santos, Cuca
music: Raimundo Carvalho
producer: Marta Sousa Ribeiro, Tiago Simões, Joana Peralta
executive producer: Marta Sousa Ribeiro, Victor Neves Ferreira, Tiago Simões, Joana Peralta
production: VIDEOLOTION
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