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by Alice Filippi


As funny as she is plain, Marta suffers from a rare genetic illness since birth. Despite it all, Marta is a very positive character with a sweeping and dynamic personality. She’s constantly in a hurry to do everything, immediately. She aims very high, no matter the improbability. Always. At19, like many girls of her age, she dreams of a great love in her life, but she won’t settle for just any guy, she wants the most handsome guy of all. Her loyal friends and roommates Jacopo and Federica are her strength and her family. They’ve always been there for her and have had to comfort her more than once over the years. But at a party one night, Arturo shows up: handsome, self confident and apparently so unobtainable, he piques Marta’s interest. When her faithful friends are ready to console another heartbreak, Marta feels that this time the tide will turn in her favor...

original title: Sul più bello
country: Italy
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Alice Filippi
release date: IT 22/10/2020
screenplay: Roberto Proia, Michela Straniero
cast: Ludovica Francesconi, Giuseppe Maggio, Eleonora Gaggero, Jozef Gjura, Gaja Masciale
cinematography by: Gianluca Gulluni
film editing: Fabio Bianchini Pepegna
music: Alessandro Apolloni
production: Eagle Pictures
distributor: Eagle Pictures

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