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AUGUST 23, 1944/2019

by Andra Tarara, David Schwartz, Roland Ibold


On August 23rd, 1944, the fascist regime was taken down and Romania changed sides in World War II. 75 years later, inside a Jewish Retirement Home, four of the last survivors of racial persecutions reflect upon the personal and political significance of the event. The different attitudes of the protagonists, their passionate debates and irresolvable conflicts reflect the diversity of the Jewish survivors’ experiences, the cleavages in the community and the Romanian society as a whole, as well as the importance and controversy of the events in 1944.

international title: August 23, 1944/2019
original title: 23 august 1944/2019
country: Romania
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Andra Tarara, David Schwartz, Roland Ibold
film run: 80'
cinematography by: Andra Tarara, Roland Ibold
film editing: Andra Tarara
production: Centrul de artă comunitară Vârsta4
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