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by Maya Sarfaty


A tragic love story between a prisoner and her captor. Flamboyant and full of life, Helena Citron is taken to Auschwitz as a young woman, and soon finds unlikely solace under the tutelage of Franz Wunsch, a high-ranking SS officer who falls in love with her and her magnetic singing voice. Risking a certain execution if caught, their forbidden relationship went on until her miraculous liberation. But when a letter arrives from Wunsch's wife, thirty years later, begging Helena to testify on Wunsch's behalf, she's faced with an impossible decision: will she help the man who brutalised so many lives, but saved hers, along with some of the people closest to her?

international title: Love It Was Not
original title: Ahava Zot Lo Hayta
country: Israel, Austria
sales agent: Cinephil
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Maya Sarfaty
film run: 86'
screenplay: Maya Sarfaty
cinematography by: Ziv Berkovich, Itay Gross
film editing: Sharon Yaish
music: Paul Gallister
producer: Kurt Langbein, Nir Sa’ar
production: Langbein & Partner Media, Yes Docu (IL)

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