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by Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda


In the heart of Europe, two nations exist side by side, similar to each another in many ways and yet worlds apart. Czechs are dedicated atheists, while Poles are being baptized as soon as they are born. Czechs shake their heads in disbelief at the Polish piety, while Poles hold Czechs in contempt for living without God. A Czech documentary crew sets out on a pilgrimage across Poland in order to investi-gate specific situations regarding linked to Polish religiousness. What will happen when they meet with an exorcist or very dedicated listeners of ultra-Catholic Radio Maryja? Will Czechs understand the Polish religiousness and will Poles accept the Czech way of life without God?

international title: Once Upon a Time in Poland
original title: Jak Bóg szukał Karela
country: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda
film run: 98'
cinematography by: Vít Klusák, Martin Matiášek
producer: Zdenek Holý
production: Vernes s.r.o., Hypermarket Film, Czech Television - Česká televize, Plesnar & Krauss Films, Krakow Festival Office, Peter Kerekes Film
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