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by Elvin Adigozel


In the forgotten district of Bilesuvar, South of Azerbaijan, some men and women are looking for something in their dimly enlightened lives. They want to tell us their wishes, their despairs and their fights. It's all about Bilesuvar's soul.


international title: Bilesuvar
original title: Bilesuvar
country: France, Azerbaijan
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Elvin Adigozel
film run: 84'
screenplay: Elvin Adigozel
cast: Kamran Agabalayev, Gunel Zulfugarli, Tofig Aslanov, Ilgar Dadash, Niyameddin Amanov, Cahangir Melik, Gunel Mirzeli
cinematography by: Oktay Namazov
music: Farid Aqa
producer: Etienne de Ricaud, Irada Baghirzade, Intigam Hajili
co-producer: Elvin Adigozel
production: Caractères Productions, Adari Films (AZ), Memuar Films (AZ)

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