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by Dino Mustafic


This is a story titled as an ironic echo of the working motto of the Mittal Steel multi-national company with facilities in BiH. Unscrupulously driven by profit, the company has been carrying out construction works within their premises, and by doing so it has been ”covering” the traces of crimes that had been committed in the Omarska Mine, one of the sites of the most atrocious camps in the 1990s, at the end of the 20th century. Its ore is then melted in the Zenica Steelworks, without applying any ecological standards, thus poisoning the population of the city, which, when it comes to the number of lung diseases - mostly cancer - is ranked among the first in Europe. The ore finally ends up in alloys used for the production of structures such as the grandiose iron installation that was erected in honour of the London Olympiad - the sensational, 114,5 meters tall Olympic Tower. In this triumph of imagination, one logically sees the remains of the murdered camp inmates and of the souls of poisoned citizens.

international title: Transforming Tomorrow
original title: Transforming Tomorrow
country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Dino Mustafic
film run: 48'
cinematography by: Mustafa Mustafić
film editing: Elvedin Zorlak
producer: Mustafa Mustafić
production: Udruženje za kulturu i umjetničko stvaralaštvo Pan (BA)
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