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by James D'Arcy


A bohemian London artist returns to Italy with his estranged son to make a quick sale of the house in Tuscany they inherited from his late wife.

international title: Made in Italy
original title: Made in Italy
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: HanWay Films
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: James D'Arcy
film run: 94'
release date: PL 7/08/2020, PT 10/09/2020, LT 23/09/2020, NL 8/10/2020
screenplay: James D'Arcy
cast: Liam Neeson, Micheál Richardson, Valeria Bilello, Lindsay Duncan, Marco Quaglia, Helena Antonio
cinematography by: Mike Eley
film editing: Anthony Boys, Mark Day
art director: Stevie Herbert
costumes designer: Louise Stjernsward
music: Alex Belcher
producer: Pippa Cross, Sam Tipper-Hale
executive producer: Marco Cohen, James D'Arcy, Janette Day, Fabrizio Donvito, Anders Erden, Benedetto Habib, Zygi Kamasa, Alessandro Mascheroni, Daniel Campos Pavoncelli, Martin Rushton-Turner, Marie-Gabrielle Stewart, Peter Touche, Peter Watson
line producer: Michael S. Constable, Alberto Monte
production: CrossDay Productions Ltd.
distributor: M2 Films, NOS Audiovisuais, Acme Film, Paradiso Filmed Entertainment Nederland, A Contracorriente Films

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