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by Balázs Lóth


After their friend dies in an accident, Marcell, the rich but burnt-out architect and the rest of his loser childhood buddies decide to team up for the last time to fulfill their friend's last wish by smuggling his crappy painting into the most prestigious art auction of Budapest.

international title: Budapest Heist
original title: Pesti balhé
country: Hungary
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Balázs Lóth
film run: 104'
screenplay: Ákos Inotay, Mark Kis-Szabo, Balázs Lóth
cast: Béla Mészáros, Andrea Petrik, Ferenc Elek, Ákos Inotay, Simon Szabó, Gábor Jászberényi, Gábor Reviczky, Géza D. Hegedűs
cinematography by: István Balázs Balázs
film editing: Gábor Kertai
art director: Nelli Pallós
costumes designer: Andrea Kovács
music: Robert Gulya
producer: Péter Fülöp, Barnabás Hutlassa
production: FP Films

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