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by Bruno Pavić


This observational documentary, interwoven with staged scenes, introduces the issues associated with the co-existence of nature, people and industry along the shores of the Adriatic Sea. With purely visual resources and without any commentary or dialogue, the director presents the real story of local inhabitants, who are portrayed for the camera by professional actors. This unsettling environmental appeal against civil passivity is suggestively demonstrated through static shots composed around a central point. The target of the unspoken yet obvious thoughts consists of the consequences of imprudent interventions in the landscape, which have a direct impact on the daily life of society. Their critical nature is enhanced by the detached ambient sounds and subtle background music.

international title: Landscape Zero
original title: Nulti krajolik
country: Croatia
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Bruno Pavić
film run: 71'
cinematography by: Andrea Kaštelan
film editing: Dan Oki, Dragan Đokić
music: Vjeran Šalamon
producer: Ivan Peric
production: Udruga Kazimir

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