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by Dalibor Matanić


In a near future, new conflicts are blazing up in a secluded valley. Divided into 'chosen' and 'undesirable' ones, people leave their homes, fleeing from violence into uncertainty. Ika, Matija and their two children, Kaja and Nikola, are deeply divided over whether to leave or stay. Since the disappearance of their third child, Ika and Matija have not found a way to overcome the trauma and the rift between them grows bigger with each day. With its mystical revelations, the dawn sets in motion a series of events which make it clear that ignoring extremism and avoiding to face one's personal traumas always take a heavy toll.

international title: The Dawn
original title: Zora
country: Croatia, Italy
sales agent: Cercamon (AE)
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Dalibor Matanić
film run: 110'
screenplay: Dalibor Matanić
cast: Krešimir Mikić, Tihana Lazović, Maks Kleoncic, Lara Vladovic, Marko Mandic
cinematography by: Marko Brdar
film editing: Tomislav Pavlic
art director: Luca Servino
costumes designer: Ana Savić-Gecan
music: Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz
producer: Ankica Jurić Tilić, Andrea Paris
production: Kinorama, Ascent Film, RAI Cinema
backing: MiBACT (IT), HAVC - Croatian Audiovisual Centar (HR), Eurimages, Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission (IT)

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