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by Miguel Eek


Eva’s being allowed to leave the psychiatric institution she’s lived in for six years. Now she just has to wait until an assisted living residence frees up. Cigarettes and a few conversations help time pass, but are not enough. After a long year of waiting, the news arrive: a place is found for her. Eva takes the first steps towards the “normal” life she longs for: to find a job, earn an income of her own, visit her mother… even find love. While she’s taking stock of her past and works on her self-confidence as well as her trust in the outside world, she also fixes firmly on her main goal: to reconnect with the son she lost custody of 20 years ago and ask him to forgive her. The First Woman is a film about second chances, the search for “normality” and the borderline between lucidity and darkness.

international title: The First Woman
original title: La primera mujer
country: Spain
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Miguel Eek
film run: 77'
release date: ES 10/12/2021
screenplay: Miguel Eek, Aina Calleja
cinematography by: Jordi Carrasco
film editing: Aina Calleja
producer: Marta Castells, Virginia Galán
executive producer: Miguel Eek
production: Mosaic Producciones, IB3 Radiotelevisió de les Illes Balears
distributor: Begin Again Films

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