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by Antonio Capuano


Maria S. lives nearby the seaside, within the province of Naples. She has a precarious job and no love ahead. Her mother is essentially mute. Forty years before, an extreme left-wing activist killed her father, a near-twenty-year old vice-brigadier, during a political rally. Maria was born two months after the killing. One day she found out that the killer had a name, a face and a job; he now lives in Milan after having paid for his murder in prison. “Now I know the person to detest,” thinks Maria. Then, she paints her hair and takes a high-speed train to get to know him. But she has a gun with her.

original title: Il buco in testa
country: Italy
sales agent: Minerva Pictures Group
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Antonio Capuano
film run: 95'
screenplay: Antonio Capuano
cast: Teresa Saponangelo, Tommaso Ragno, Francesco Di Leva, Gea Martire, Vincenza Modica, Anita Zagaria, Daria D'Antonio, Bruna Rossi, Alberto Ricci Höiss, Vincenzo Ruggiero
cinematography by: Gianluca Laudadio
film editing: Diego Liguori
art director: Antonella Di Martino
costumes designer: Francesca Balzano
producer: Dario Formisano
production: Eskimo SRL
backing: MiBACT (IT)
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