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by Alison Kuhn


I invited five young actresses to spend several days with our team in a theater hall. Four years ago, they participated in the same audition, in which they experienced systematic abuse of sexual or violent nature. I was one of the contenders as well. Many of them wanted to suppress this day as quickly as possible. Since the director continued his abuse by using the audition material to edit a whole new movie, there is currently a legal battle between the production company and the actresses taking place. Not much of it has yet reached the public. Today, I myself study directing and explore with the women in The Case You, what occurred back then and what it now means for our lives.

international title: The Case You
original title: The Case You
country: Germany
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Alison Kuhn
film run: 80'
screenplay: Alison Kuhn
cinematography by: Lenn Lamster
film editing: Christian Zipfel
music: Dascha Dauenhauer
producer: Luis Morat
production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
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