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by Alexander Kossev


Grieving due to injustice in school, betrayed by her closest people, 17 year-old Petya commits suicide. This happens to the talented poetess Petya Dubarova in 1979. This also happens in 2019 to a regular girl, also named Petya. Different times, different girl, the System which does not tolerate different ones remains the same.

international title: Petya of My Petya
original title: Petya na moyata Petya
country: Bulgaria
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Alexander Kossev
film run: 90'
screenplay: Valentina Angelova, Nelly Dimitrova
cast: Yasen Atanasov, Alissa Atanassova, Aleksandra Kostova, Vasil Banov, Martin Metodiev, Alexander Milchev, Monio Monev, Albena Pavlova, Julian Vergov, Alena Vergova
cinematography by: Ivan Vatsov
film editing: Victoria Radoslavova
producer: Nikolay Urumov
co-producer: Krastyo Lambev
production: BOF Pictures, Concept Studio
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