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by Wim Wenders


A man wanders out of the desert after a four year absence. His brother finds him, and together they return to L.A. to reunite the man with his young son. Soon after, he and the boy set out to locate the mother of the child, who left shortly after the man disappeared.

original title: Paris, Texas
country: France, United Kingdom
year: 1984
genre: fiction
directed by: Wim Wenders
film run: 145'
release date: FR 19/05/1984, UK 23/08/1984, CH 08/1984, BE 04/10/1984, DK 05/10/1984, PT 25/10/1984, SE 02/11/1984, NL 08/11/1984, IT 05/12/1984, FI 21/12/1984, DE 11/01/1985, IE 25/01/1985, HU 05/12/1985, ES 22/12/1986, GR 01/08/2003, BG 06/03/2007, CZ 27/03/2009, PL 25/07/2014, TR 02/10/2020, BA 16/08/2021
screenplay: L.M. Kit Carson, Sam Shepard, Walter Donohue
cast: Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell
cinematography by: Robby Müller
film editing: Peter Przygodda
costumes designer: Birgitta Bjerke
producer: Anatole Dauman, Don Guest, Wim Wenders
executive producer: Chris Sievernich
associate producer: Pascale Dauman

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