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by Katerina Hager, Asad Faruqi


Wheelchair-bound Zdenka from the Czech Republic and Tabish from Pakistan met online playing FarmVille on Facebook. But instead of a crop of virtual tomatoes, a real friendship grew, soon blossoming into a romance – and then a marriage. Five years into their official marriage, Czech authorities serially reject Tabish´s application for a visa to enter the Czech Republic, convinced they’re protecting Zdenka from a “feigned marriage” with a younger calculating Pakistani and the Czech Republic from an economic migrant. After years of trying to prove their “real love” to the authorities and a relationship eked out online, a breakthrough in their case gives Tabish and Zdenka new hope that their dream of living together could soon become reality.

international title: A Marriage
original title: A Marriage
country: Czech Republic, United States
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Katerina Hager, Asad Faruqi
film run: 74'
cinematography by: Asad Faruqi, Jakub Šimůnek
film editing: Sárka Sklenárová
producer: Katerina Hager, Asad Faruqi
production: Bohemian Productions, Czech Television - Česká televize, Circus Lion Pictures (US)

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