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by Alessandro Celli


In the near future, a small town is surrounded by barbed wire that no one, not even the police, dares to cross. The poorest are left fighting for survival, while gangs compete for the territory. Two thirteen-year-old orphans who grew up together, dream of joining one of the gangs.

international title: Dogworld
original title: Mondocane
country: Italy
sales agent: Minerva Pictures Group
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Alessandro Celli
film run: 110'
screenplay: Alessandro Celli, Antonio Leotti
cast: Dennis Protopapa, Giuliano Soprano, Alessandro Borghi, Barbara Ronchi, Ludovica Nasti, Federica Torchetti, Josafat Vagni, Francesco Simon
cinematography by: Giuseppe Maio
film editing: Clelio Benevento
art director: Fabrizio D'Arpino
costumes designer: Andrea Cavalletto
music: Federico Bisozzi, Davide Tomat
producer: Matteo Rovere, Gianluca Curti
production: Groenlandia, Minerva Pictures Group, RAI Cinema

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