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by Monica Stan, George Chiper-Lillemark


When young Daria enters rehab to kick the drug habit her first love left her with, her perceived innocence saves her from the sexual advances of the mostly male junkies inside and gains her their protection. Suddenly thrown into the spotlight and enjoying the attention, Daria soon finds out that special treatment comes at a great price.

international title: Immaculate
original title: Imaculat
country: Romania
sales agent: Syndicado [CA]
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Monica Stan, George Chiper-Lillemark
film run: 114'
screenplay: Monica Stan
cast: Ana Dumitrașcu, Vasile Pavel-Digudai, Grumăzescu Cezar
cinematography by: George Chiper-Lillemark
film editing: Delia Oniga
art director: Ana Gabriela Lemnaru
costumes designer: Anca Miron
producer: Marcian Lazar
production: Axel Film
backing: Romanian National Film Center - Centrul Național al Cinematografiei

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