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by Juan Sebastián Mesa


Jorge lives on a coffee plantation in the middle of a forest-covered valley. He is the only member of his generation who has decided to stay in the countryside. For some months now nobody has wanted to pick the beans and his harvest has been hit by a severe plague. The local festivities are approaching and with them the reunion with his first love and his childhood friends, who come home from the city. After a weekend of celebration and having confronted the ghosts of his past, Jorge will realise that only fire can make ash out of a plague that not only inhabits the coffee plantations, but also the streets of the town and the mind of its visitors.

international title: The Rust
original title: La Roya
country: Colombia, France
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Juan Sebastián Mesa
film run: 110'
release date: FR 29/03/2023
screenplay: Juan Sebastián Mesa
cast: Daniel Ortiz, Paula Andrea Cano, Laura Gutiérrez
cinematography by: David Correa
film editing: Etienne Boussac
producer: Alexander Arbelaez, Jose Manuel Duque
co-producer: David Correa Franco
production: Dublin Films, Monociclo Cine (CO)

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