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by Nana Neul


The friends Betty and Martha set out on a trip to Switzerland, with a dying father on the backseat, who seems to have only one wish: assisted suicide in a swiss special institute. It´s going to be one last, final ride, but nothing ends, as you had imagined, certainly not life.

international title: Daughters
original title: Töchter
country: Germany, Greece, Italy
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Nana Neul
film run: 122'
release date: DE 7/10/2021
screenplay: Nana Neul, Lucy Fricke
cast: Birgit Minichmayr, Alexandra Maria Lara, Josef Bierbichler, Giorgio Colangeli, Andreas Konstantinou
cinematography by: Bernhard Keller
film editing: Stefan Stabenow
art director: Christiane Krumwiede
costumes designer: Ulrike Scharfschwerdt
producer: Bettina Brokemper
co-producer: Laura Buffoni, Simone Gattoni, Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Michael Weber
line producer: Sascha Verhey
production: Heimatfilm, Heretic - Creative Producers, Simila(r), Warner Bros Entertainment Germany, Little Shark Entertainment
backing: National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication-EKOME, Direzione generale Cinema e audiovisivo del Ministero della Cultura DGCA - MIC

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