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by Ireneusz Skruczaj


In 1915, Poland was not yet on the maps, its territory was still divided between the three partitioners. Europe was experiencing a nightmare of World War I, also known as the Great War, because hardly anyone could think of the scale of conflict in the modern world. The fictionalized historical document is devoted to German attacks with chemical weapons over Rawka and Bzura. The originator and implementer of the concept of using combat gases was a scientist and Nobel Prize winner Fritz Haber.

international title: Clouds of Death - Bolimov 1915
original title: Obłoki śmierci. Bolimów 1915
country: Poland
year: 2021
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Ireneusz Skruczaj
film run: 65'
release date: PL 5/11/2021
screenplay: Piotr Jasinski, Stanislaw Kalinski, Ireneusz Skruczaj
cast: Jaroslaw Kostrzewa, Agnieszka Palka, Krzysztof Marczyk, Piotr Dymecki, Michal Jurkowski, Artur Student, Piotr Moskwa, Mirosław Zbrojewicz
cinematography by: Kacper Wójcicki
film editing: Tomasz Poszwinski
art director: Adam Dymecki, Krzysztof Figat, Marcin Malecki, Rafal Szeliga
costumes designer: Piotr Jasinski
music: Karol Orzel
production: Crew Production
distributor: Best Film
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