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by Holger Tappe


To free Baba Yaga and Renfield from the clutches of Monster Hunter Mila Starr, the Wishbone Family once more transforms into a Vampire, Frankenstein's Monster, a Mummy and a Werewolf. Aided and abetted by their three pet bats, our Monster Family zooms around the world again to save their friends, make new monstrous acquaintances and finally come to the realization that 'Nobody's Perfect' - even those with flaws can find happiness.

international title: Monster Family 2
original title: Happy Family 2
country: Germany, United Kingdom
sales agent: Timeless Films
year: 2021
genre: animation
directed by: Holger Tappe
film run: 93'
release date: ES 29/10/2021, DE 4/11/2021, FR 15/12/2021
screenplay: Abraham Katz, David Safier
music: Apollon de Moura, Adrian Gucze, Jascha Heidicke, Eric Krause, Andreas Kübler, Sebastian Kübler, Florian Wunsch
producer: Holger Tappe
executive producer: Ralph Kamp, Holger Tappe
production: Ambient Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG, Rothkirch Cartoon-Film GmbH, Timeless Films
distributor: Big Picture Spain, Warner Bros Entertainment Germany
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