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by Miroslav Bambusek


A drama that shows a metaphorical journey reflecting the post-war events in the Czech-German borderland; it takes place in the present and connects with the past through imagination. Otto Hille, a man from a Czech-German family, prepares an expedition for the old and seriously ill Leopold Schwarz, understood to be a cleansing experience to make amends for deeds long past. Thanks to the expedition Otto runs away to the landscape of this ancestors – the ruined German village of Vitín. He witnesses events that explain what Otto Hille is carrying with him and Leopold Schwarz is hiding. The past is a key to the present. However, this may not bring the sought-after liberating relief.

international title: Blood Kin
original title: Lidi krve
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Miroslav Bambusek
film run: 85’
release date: CZ 4/11/2021
screenplay: Miroslav Bambusek
cast: Miloslav König, Karel Dobrý, Miloslav Mejzlík, Juraj Baca, Tereza Hofová, Jakub Gottwald, Jiří Černý, Tomás Bambusek
cinematography by: Jakub Halousek
film editing: Jan Danhel
music: Tomás Vtípil
producer: Sasa Dlouhy
production: FreeSaM, Czech Television - Česká televize
distributor: Aerofilms
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