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by Matevž Luzar


The merry members of a brass band from Slovenia travel by bus to perform in a small Austrian town. They sing, cheer, and drink all the way there. Being part of a brass band is a joyful hobby for most orchestra members. However, not everything goes as planned. A first-time bus driver confesses his responsibility for an accident to his untrustworthy senior colleague; a brass band player cannot hide his shameful drinking to his kind Austrian host; a teenage band member on her first trip with dad on tour witnesses her father’s adultery; and back in Slovenia, a wife wishes she could brave such adultery. Five distinct stories tell us that hiding one’s actions and intentions is the best way to make them shameful!

international title: Orchestra
original title: Orkester
country: Slovenia
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Matevž Luzar
screenplay: Matevž Luzar
cast: Gregor Čušin, Jernej Kogovšek, Gregor Zorc, Lovro Lezič, Gaber K. Trseglav, Tamara Avguštin, Marjana Mlinarič Pikelj, Alexander Mitterer, Marie Hofstätter, Klaudia Reichenbacher
cinematography by: Simon Tanšek
film editing: Jelena Maksimović
art director: Katja Šoltes
costumes designer: Nadja Bedjanič
producer: Petra Vidmar
co-producer: Katja Šoltes, Nadja Bedjanič
production: Gustav Film, RTV Slovenija

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